What We Do | About Big Brothers Big Sisters | Joplin MO

Big Brothers Big Sisters is the Gold Standard of Mentoring

At Big Brothers Big Sisters we take “Littles” (children in our community that need a positive role model) and Match them with “Bigs” (adult volunteers in our community that want to change the life of a child for forever) and put them in a professionally monitored intentional relationship. We work with the parents and guardians of these children to set goals and markers and then measure success in every Match. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a National organization with over 400 offices worldwide. The office that services Jasper/Newton Counties is located in Joplin, Missouri in the United Way building located at 3510 East 3rd Street. 

Our mission is to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever.

What We Offer

Community Based Matches are Matches where the Big and the Little meet for two hours a week building a relationship and striving to reach their goals. They meet at different locations in our community – sometimes doing something just for fun, sometimes serving someone else, sometimes reading together and sometimes working on goals. It is a very intentional relationship designed to change a child’s life for the better forever.

We also have Site Based Matches. These are Matches that meet once a week at a particular site (like a school for lunch and recess). They meet approximately 40 minutes a week at the same location and time. They too have goals they work to achieve.

Every Match is overseen by one of our Case Workers who follow up in the first year of every Match on a monthly basis with the parent/guardian, the Little and the Big making sure the Little feels safe in the match and that they are making progress in building the relationship and that they are taking steps to reach the goals set out before the Match was started. After the first year, this communication goes from monthly to quarterly if the relationship is healthy and goals are being met.

Why We Stand Out

Big Brothers Big Sisters is the Gold Standard for mentoring because we believe that what matters gets measured and what gets measured matters. It’s why we set goals and follow up with each match, to make sure the relationship is safe and moving in a positive direction. It’s what sets us apart from any other agency. 

We also offer all of our services at NO CHARGE to the Big, Little or Parent/Guardian. We are a 501c3 that raises all of it’s funds through fundraisers, corporate donors and private donors. 

Did you know that every match cost on average of $1,000 a year to maintain. If you are able to donate $1,000 ($83.34 a month – less than $3 a day) you can fully fund a Match. Would you please consider partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters in changing the lives of children in our community?